Lifetime Archiving - Last Time for Fingerprinting

Tired of getting fingerprinted again and again? With fingerprint lifetime archiving this could be your last time to get fingerprinted. You save time and the hassle of coming back to our office or any other agency to get fingerprinted.

Fingerprints on FD-258 Cards With Lifetime Archiving

Your fingerprints do not change over time but the quality of your fingerprints are impacted by age, dryness of skin, use of your hands, etc. With lifetime archiving we electronically capture your highest quality fingerprints, print them on FD-258 fingerprint cards and store them in our lifetime archive. The next time you need fingerprints we can print them again on FD-258 fingerprint cards and ship them to you to any state or country worldwide.

  • 2 Fingerprint Cards With Lifetime Archiving $20
  • 1 Fingerprint Card With Lifetime Archiving $20
  • 1 Fingerprint Card Without Lifetime Archiving $15

24-48 hour FBI background checks

Don't wait weeks for FBI, we electronically process your fingerprints with the FBI for results returned electronically in 24-48 hours. Obtain your FBI background check for adoption, personal review, working abroad, studying abroad, attorney requests, challenging errors, legal name change and other court related matters. FBI results options include:

  • Web Portal (.pdf) Access: $70
  • Web Portal (.pdf) Access Plus Tamper Proof First Class Mailed Results: $80
Location and Parking

Location and Parking

Denver Fingerprinting is in the Petroleum Building which is just behind the Denver Post building which faces Colfax and Broadway. The entrance to the building is on the 16th Street mall between Jimmy Johns and Cafe Bridge Span 14. Just take the elevator up to the 8th floor. There are parking meters in the immediate area but you can park along any street that intersects with the Denver 16th St Mall and take the free mall ride to the south end of the mall 16th Street Mall and Cleveland.

Our Fingerprint Technicians are FBI Channeler Trained. With over 10 years of FBI Channeling and police agency experience.

  • FD-258 fingerprint card included
  • Less than 1% fingerprint rejection rate
  • Inkless - Livescan capture and print
  • Secure fingerprint archiving
  • Quick and easy process - 10 minutes or less
  • Bring photo ID (government issued) and payment (credit card or cash)
  • Convenient location downtown Denver
  • Secure lifetime archiving

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